How We Work

Retainers over big scopes.

While we provide detailed estimates up-front, we work on a flexible retainer system instead of scoped projects. That means you get our undivided attention on your project every week for a pre-determined number of hours, without the risk of either party getting burned along the way. It’s just a smarter way to work. Have a look at our contract ›

Retainers over big scopes
Building blocks

Prebuilt or custom solutions.
Take your pick.

While custom software is our specialty, we’ve built up an impressive library of re-usable code that may be just what your project needs. And while our prebuilt options are easier on your pocketbook, you may be surprised just how affordable we’re able to make our custom solutions.

We're agile, and source controlled.

Anything we touch runs through source control. This creates a documented history of every change to any project we work on. If you want to maintain it tomorrow, make sure you document it today.

Source control
You keep your code

We won't hold your code hostage. Ever.

Your code is yours to take, anytime you want to take it. No questions asked. Not every company works that way, but they should.