Background Investigations

Since 2004 we have been building custom solutions for the BI industry specific to pre-employment and pre-tenancy. We have hundreds of thousands of lines of code running on large scale enterprise systems generating tens of thousands of reports per-day.

Our developers have over a decade of experience designing custom background screening solutions and have worked with many different data vendors and workflows. We have developed functionality for automatied decisioning, applicant tracking and more. As a small team of specialists deeply involved in the BI industry, we understand the needs of tenant and employment managers alike. Whether you're just getting started in the tenant screening industry or looking to upgrade your integration to the newest release we can help you deliver.

Every year we send several of our developers to conferences provided by The National Association Of Professional Background Screeners in an effort to stay current on industry trends and leaders.

Beyond our great track record, we are scalable and flexible. We succeed with small or large development and consulting projects either as your primary vendor, or as an enhancement to your existing team.

Just a few of the integrations we have worked with include:

* TransUnion
* Experian
* Microbilt
* MeridianLink
* AppCheckData
* SoftTech
* BackChecked
* Tracers
* RapidCourt
* LexisNexis
* and more...

Need more details?

Contact us about your specific needs and we'll help you understand what's possible!